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Customer Service

Main Office (413) 726-3930

Business Insurance Services


BiS Delivering Results
BiS excels at writing complex as well as main street business insurance.  We individually analyze every account to provide the most comprehensive policy.  We provide Agents quick access to standard carriers and programs.

  • Allows you, The Agent, the ability to structure payments in conjunction with payroll schedules
  • Pay As You Go financing will allow the agent the ability to structure payments in conjunction with payroll schedules
  • We offer competitive financing rates
  • Rapid response time
  • Potential for additional shared revenue with Iroquois Agents
  • Allows 12 equal installments

    Group Payroll Deduction
    We provide a multiple carrier voluntary insurance plan that is an Employee Payroll Deduction program for Iroquois agents

  • Allows Multiple Carrier Solutions
         No product limitations
         Multiple carrier pricing
         Multiple carrier underwriting options
         Replacement coverage availability
  • Notification of payroll change options
         Email, Text, Fax or US Postal
  • Managed internally by BiS NOT the carriers
  • Better use of automation
  • Onsite services available

    Our  Process

  • Risk Management
  • Program Analysis
  • Program Implementation
  • Insurance Provider Negotiations
  • Risk Management Negotiations
  • Account activity updates
  • Progree Review

Contact Us

Business Insurance Services Inc.
933 East Columbus Ave.
Springfield, MA 01105

Phone: (413) 726-3930
Fax: (413) 726-3931


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